The DUKE Controller for Original Xbox - A Hardware Gem

DUKE Controller - Original Xbox

After years of boycotting the original Xbox DUKE controller I'm now beginning to appreciate it. There's a certain precision to the analog sticks that are just not justified on the S controller counterpart. I noticed this when playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, the DUKE gave lurking in the dark a whole new experience. Controlling Sam Fisher intertwines flawlessly with the animation. Microsoft likely designed the DUKE for First Person Shooters and since the OG Xbox has plenty of, it gives the DUKE plenty of opportunities to put your finger on the trigger. *the picture above shows the tank size DUKE controller on top of a PS2 slim

If you’ve ever played the FPS game BLACK then you know its gun porn making the DUKE its only equivalent. Your trigger finger is placed in the perfect place for executing bullet penetration, its bullet bliss. After using the DUKE for a few weeks it would be a mistake to use anything else. No other controller can give your hands a complete gaming thrill at the press of a button or when handling a character with those analog sticks. Since the controller is already massive, the vibration is also enhanced. When the DUKE rumbles you can hardly keep your hands on it but because of its sheer size you have no other choice than to hold on life. Give the DUKE some play time and see if you like it. When playing sports games i.e. NFL Fever, running the ball and rumbling tackles also make it worthwhile. The DUKE controller is becoming rare but can be found online and retro gaming boutiques, see link below.

Original Xbox Softmod Kit