Sonic 1 - Mania Edition (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) - Rom Hack

Sonic 1 Mania Edition

Sonic 1: Mania Edition is a rom hack by Baraksha. Rom hacks are modifications made to a game i.e. sprit graphics, sounds, move sets etc. There are many rom hacks but some are unique. Sonic 1 Mania Edition is Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive but adds modifications that mimic Sonic Mania, the new 2D Sonic game to be released in the Spring of 2017. Some key modifications include the redesigned Sonic sprit from Sonic Mania and a new move set named "Drop Dash".

To play Sonic 1: Mania Edition all you need is an emulator that plays Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games.  to to is download the ROM/game from the link below and put it into your ROMs/game fold of you

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