Best Websites to Buy Retro Video Games Online

These are the best websites to buy retro video games online. Here are the choices including the obvious eBay and Amazon.


First I'd like to mention to make an attempt and search online for a local retro video game store. You may have some hidden gem stores that sell video games on the cheap and they may even be so large that they have an online store in case it's too much of a drive. The country is vast and there are plenty major gaming stores that are not household names for whatever reason or they are only popular within certain cities or states.

Game Over Video Games: 

Found in 2005 in Austin, TX, Game Over Video Games is a great store to visit. This is one of those examples of a local store that I hadn't known about previously to visiting. They offer their items online as well in case you are not in one of their few locations in the country. At one of the local stores, which may of the been the original one, they had a small area, like a museum of various consoles behind a glass, the people were friendly. They carry imports, various gaming memorabilia and offered amazing discounts throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.

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JJ Games:Founded in 1999, JJGames has been a nice shop that I've found over the years in search of retro games. They're prices are decent and they offer great discounts on shipping. JJGames also prices they're games very specifically, so whether you're looking for a complete games with artwork, manual and case or just the disc they offer a price range for both.

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Founded in 2013, I found out about Mercari when I went to offer shipping to my facebook marketplace item. Mercari is fairly new and easily shows sold and items for sale. When looking for retro games, it's easy to see people just want to get rid of items. The prices remind me of craigslist (depending on your location), but people often take offers and the website is designed to make a quick sale. It's also easy to setup and sell your items quickly.

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Founded in 1984 by the name of Babbages, GameStop is one of the largest retail and online gaming stores in the country. A few years back they began selling retro video games online and the prices are quite decent.

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Facebook Marketplace: 

Facebook has millions of users if you're looking to meet up with someone to buy a video game or gaming accessory this is a much safer option than craigslist because you can trace peoples profiles and get a better sense of who you're communicating with.

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Founded in 1995 and becoming web-based in 1996 for local ads, craigslist is a great place to find very affordable retro games. People are often in the need of cash and need to sell things quick. If you're willing to meet people in person you can find great deals on craigslist. 
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Founded in 1995, eBay is one of the most established websites for auctions and direct sales. They sell numerous products including retro video games and rare ones at that. Millions of users use eBay daily, today it's a no-brainer to use eBay for a good deal.

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Found in 1994 starting off an online marketplace for books now sells all kinds of media and electronics including retro video games. The prices tend to be higher

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