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Do you want to softmod your original Xbox? Let's get started....

We help you install your Xbox softmod successfully. Our method is 100% fool proof. We provide all the links, resources and tutorials required to install an Xbox softmod and provide customer service for all your questions. With the Xbox Softmod Kit you're able to not only softmod "your" Xbox but your friends as well. Just one Xbox Softmod Kit can softmod thousands of Xbox's. But we don't stop there, you'll also be assisted to install all the homebrew apps and features as well, we walk you through the entire process with ease. You don't have to be a computer wiz to softmod your original Xbox, you just need the Xbox Softmod Kit. Learn more

eBay/Half.com: We've sold with user name "VideoGameStart" at half.com (an eBay company). Half.com and eBay accounts are one is the same concerning feedback. Below is the eBay feedback from customers who have purchased the Xbox Softmod Kit. Source.

Update: As of August 31, 2017 half.com has closed down but we are continuing the service on behalf of our store at www.xbmcxbox.bigcartel.com

The Games Shed: A home for retro video gaming, The Games Shed has shown full support by creating two of Xbox Softmod Kit video tutorials that we feature on our site. Source.

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GameBlips: Hosting video game and toy reviews, a member from GameBlips uploaded a video review/tutorial of our Xbox Softmod KitSource

The Anime Kingdom: Covering not your average anime topics, The Anime Kingdom has shown support for the Xbox Softmod Kit by allowing us to have a guest post on their website. Source

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