Original Xbox Softmod Kit

Xbox Softmod Kit will softmod and upgrade your Xbox in minutes from the touch of your controller with a pre-loaded usb/memory card to softmod the original Xbox. No need for action replay, xploder, modchips nor a screwdriver. 

Xbox Softmod Kit consists of a usb/memory card and Splinter Cell. It is the only kit available online to upgrade and softmod your original Xbox. The usb/memory card is pre-loaded with the files required to softmod your Xbox. Splinter Cell is required and gives access to install the softmod. Now you can softmod your Xbox in minutes to access the new features of installing emulators, ROMs, XBMC, homebrew games as well as playing import & burned Xbox games. 

To use the Xbox Softmod Kit simply plug and load the usb/memory card to your Xbox, our tutorial will guide you from there to install the Xbox softmod. Xbox Softmod Kit can be used an endless amount of times on hundreds of Xbox's. Softmod your Xbox then softmod your friends as well. There is no limit to how many Xbox's can be soft-modded with one Xbox Softmod Kit

The Xbox Softmod Kit can do more than just enhance your gaming. Once the Xbox softmod has been installed the Xbox will play DVD's without the DVD remote/dongle, play DVD's from any region and play import and burned Xbox games from your Xbox disc drive. 

*If you the usb memory flash drive we will also include the necessary adapter. The memory card does not need an adapter.

Xbox Softmod Features
  • Play retro game ROMs on installed emulators.
  • Play import, burned and homebrew Xbox games.
  • Access XBMC "Xbox Media Center" and hombrew apps. 
  • Upload Xbox games to the Xbox hard drive.
  • Play DVD's from any region w/o the DVD Movie Playback Kit.
  • Install unlimited Xbox softmods.  
Includes video tutorials to guide you through all the new Xbox softmod features.

Xbox Softmod Kit is available for NTSC and PAL regions.

original xbox softmod kit





  100 + emulators available on Xbox.

Original Xbox Emulators
The Microsoft Xbox was designed to only play Xbox games. Xbox Softmod Kit allows the Xbox to install and play various classic video game systems via emulation i.e. NES, Super Nintendo (SNES), Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), Nintendo 64 (N64), MAME, Game Boy Advance and many more. 

Import, backup, homebrew and rip Xbox games.

original xbox games exclusives
Xbox Softmod Kit enables your Xbox to be a region-free console allowing you to play import games. You'll also be able to play homebrew Xbox games, play backups of your Xbox games and rip Xbox games to your built-in hard drive.

XBMC, the best Xbox media center.  

XBMC (Xbox Media Center) XBMC4Xbox
Xbox Softmod Kit allows the install of its most popular media center, XBMC. Stream your favorite videos, music and photos from a computer or home network connection to your Xbox. Rip DVD's to the Xbox hard drive, play DVD's region free without the previously required DVD remote (DVD Movie Playback Kit). Access all your digital multimedia files and play them on your Xbox. 

Convert your Xbox into a personal computer.

xdsl xbox damn small linux gnu
Xbox Softmod Kit allows you to install Xbox Linux Project, a GNU Linux made for Xbox. It runs like a program that converts your Xbox into a personal computer (PC) for internet browsing, text editing, file managing and more. A mouse and keyboard can be used with a usb converter. There's several types of Xbox Linux i.e. xDSL, Gentoox and Xebian. Windows 98 can also be installed atop of Linux xDSL. 

Install unlimited Xbox softmods. 

UnleashX Xbox Dashboard
Xbox Softmod Kit can be used an unlimited amount of times to softmod. You have the power to softmod an endless amount of Xbox's with just one Xbox Softmod Kit.

Original Xbox