Original Xbox Softmod Kit


The Original Xbox Softmod Kit is a "Do It Yourself Service", it's the easiest way to mod the original Xbox, just follow the tutorial. No need for action replay, xploder, modchip, to disassemble or to solder. Free your Original Xbox and explore all new features i.e. play ROMs via Emulators, play import games, install XBMC4Xbox Media Center, burn games and/or install them on the Original Xbox hard drive. One purchase will soft-mod multiple Xbox's! En EspaƱol

Xbox Softmod Memory Card
The memory card is available for [NTSC] or [PAL] meaning it's compatible with any Original Xbox worldwide.

Purchase The Xbox Softmod Kit Memory Card Now at eBay or Amazon

International customers please contact us to make an order

Splinter Cell
The Splinter Cell for sale is [NTSC] and is only for U.S. & Canada Xbox's. If you already have Splinter Cell make sure it is the first in the series released in 2002, either black label or platinum hits will work. The other Splinter Cell games will not work i.e. Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory, and Double Agent. The Xbox softmod memory card and Splinter Cell are both required to install the softmod.

US customers can purchase Splinter Cell from us at eBay

International customers will require a [PAL] version of Splinter Cell, black label or classics edition. Purchase at Amazon (uk), CEX (uk), eBay (uk), CEX (au) or eBay (au).

Softmod Features

• Easy to follow - Xbox Softmod Tutorial
• Mod multiple Xbox's w/one purchase
• Play ROMs on Xbox Emulators
• Access Homebrew Apps i.e. XBMC 
• Ability to install Linux OS Windows 98
• Play burned & import Xbox games
• System-Link Xbox Games w/one copy
• Play DVD's w/o the DVD Movie Playback Kit 
• Ability to upgrade Xbox Hard Drive
• Converts the Xbox into a region-free DVD Player

MAMEoXtras v1.4 Released

>> MAMEoXtras v1.4
MAMEoXtras is a port of the popular MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) system for the Original Xbox. Includes source code. Featuring new updated driver work and brand spanking new skins. 

Contains coding by Erik Abair, opcode, luckyMIC, superfro, XPort, bendermike, Ebsy, HK$, IQ_132, gamezfan, destronger, cbagy, And BritneysPAIRS. 

New in this release: Games Now Playable.... Power Instinct Legends (USA Version). Ikari 3 The Rescue (Joystick Version). Crystal Castles (Joystick Version). Super World Court (English Language World Version). Authors: gamezfan and destronger
Download MAMEoXtras v1.4 Emulator for Original Xbox at EurAsia.nu

Install Microsoft Windows 98 on Orginal Xbox via Softmod

Windows 98 can be installed on the original Xbox as long as you meet the requirements. First your original Xbox must be modded then xds/windows98 can be installed. Xdsl is a linux operating system, like a computer for your Xbox. In this tutorial Xdsl and Windows 98 are both installed giving you two options. In the video you will see the installation take place from a burned DVD disc. The other option is to install without a disc via FTP.

FTP from iOS device to Original Xbox

FTP is the way main way to transfer files to the Original Xbox after a softmod install. Today I stumbled upon a way to transfer files from my iPhone to the Original Xbox. It will work on any other iOS device i.e. iPod Touch or iPad. The iPad even allows the download of iPhone apps. This is an FTP process and a router/modem is required that gives out wireless/Wi-Fi signal. For the full list of options how to transfer files to your original Xbox, see FTP tutorial.

Capcom vs SNK 2 EO [Full Game] Included in Demo Disc

When I first played Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO for the Original Xbox it was on the Xbox Exhibition Demo Disc Vol. 2. As soon as you start the game all 40+ characters are accessible as well as the multi-player. The only difference is that there are two unlockable characters and they are not playable. Each Xbox Exhibition Demo Disc Vol. 2 contains the full game of Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO, it seems that someone at Microsoft made a mistake. The demo disc goes for less than $5 on eBay (via half.com). *aka Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 

Use Original Xbox Controller for Windows, Mac & Linux

For those who love to use their Original Xbox controllers, learn how to use it on your computer as well. This includes Windows, Mac & Linux. There are other tutorials online that require you to break & repair the controller for exclusive computer use. However, here we'll be covering where to buy an adapter as low as $4 and how to install computer drivers for compatibility. This way, you'll have the freedom to use the Xbox controller on the Original Xbox and computer. The converter and drivers are suitable with the Microsoft brand controllers, that is to say the Controller S (above) and DUKE (below). Thy also work on other 3rd party controllers, see the XBCD list.

Original Xbox vs Raspberry Pi

Since we're an Original Xbox blog we want to show the readers just how powerful the console is. Within the last two years the Raspberry Pi has been making a buzz. Chances are you probably only know one or the other but the Raspberry Pi is shares similar computer comparisons with the Original Xbox. Here we'll show you just how powerful your original Xbox really is when you softmod it. Keep in mind softmod means there's no need to dissemble anything, it's a breeze soft-modding. The OG Xbox and Raspberry Pi are both computer systems which have homebrew capabilities. The Raspberry Pi is a computer first and the Original Xbox prioritizes in gaming, both are capable of similar hacks and advantages. We're going to compare a soft-modded Original Xbox with a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (Model B) which includes all the required accessories to start up.

Install Linux (xDSL) on Original Xbox via Softmod

One of the most exciting Xbox softmod features in installing a Linux operating system. Back when I first soft-modded my original Xbox it was very convenient to use convert my Xbox into a computer. I ended up having two Xbox's one for playing emulators and the other for browsing the web & chatting. This was in 2006 when cell phones were not compared to PC's.

x-DSL (xbox damn small linux) is only 50mb in size. That's about the size of 5 MP3 files. X-DSL is a linux operating system and will turn your original Xbox into a full functional computer PC. You can browse the web, text edit, video edit etc. 

Upgrade Original Xbox Hard Drive (HDD) via Softmod

Welcome, this tutorial is to upgrade the hard drive on a softmodded original Xbox. The softmod installed must be from our Xbox Softmod Kit (or Krayzie’s Ndure). Otherwise, this tutorial will not be compatible. This info is also helpful in case you want to research further on upgrading your hard drive. We strive to provide the complete tutorial, the more you comment and ask questions the better and more complete this tutorial will be. A video tutorial is coming soon courtesy of The Games Shed.

Chrono Trigger Review (Super Nintendo, 1995)

I finally played Chrono Trigger 18 years after its release and it may be my favorite game of all time. Why is that? Well, it's the first RPG I've touched since Final Fantasy VIII. I remember liking the games involvement and having 3 more discs to look forward to. But I can't say FF8 really counts since I played it without a memory card as adolescent, ouch! I haven't touched an RPG since, the whole thing faded from me and I never looked back. Besides, I only bought it 'cause of the hype I kept hearing and I was able to pick just one game at Sears, so yeah that's how advertisement works folks.

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