The Sega Dreamcast & Original Xbox Connection

The Sega Dreamcast (1999) has become a cult classic gaming system. Very popular at its release competing with the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 but quickly faded in its short life span. By the time the Microsoft Xbox was released (2001) the Dreamcast had been discontinued. Sega then became one of the major third party developers for the Xbox game console. There are great franchises that began on the Dreamcast, many of them moved to the Xbox exclusively i.e. Jet Set Radio Future, Shenmue II and Panzer Dragoon Orta, even the Project Gotham Racing series derived from the Dreamcast game Metropolis Street Racing. The design of the Sega Dreamcast also had a great influence on the Xbox. Both have similarities in hardware such as being internet ready for online gaming, sharing similar controller layouts as well as 4 controller ports. The Sega Dreamcast ran an optimized version of Microsoft Windows CE (with Direct X) as the operating system. Surely, Microsoft took notes and learned a lot from their operating system being associated with a gaming console.

At one point the Xbox was even planned to be able to run Dreamcast games, with Isao Okawa, then-president of Sega, having several meetings with Microsoft founder Bill Gates over the subject. -Sega Retro

Below are a list of games that would of probably been on the Sega Dreamcast if not for it's early lifespan. The list contains "only on Xbox" exclusives, meaning not released on PlayStation 2 or GameCube.

A List of Games Released on Sega Dreamcast and Original Xbox

The following are ports, games that were released on the Sega Dreamcast and Original Xbox. This is a fun way to compare slightly compare graphics and gameplay between the two consoles. Some of these games are straight ports.

Dead or Alive 2 (2000, Sega Dreamcast)
Dead or Alive Ultimate (2004, Original Xbox)
Dead or Alive Ultimate combines the original Dead or Alive with a redesigned Dead or Alive 2 and takes the series online for the first time. Both games can be played on Xbox Live, which enables you to test your fighting skills against gamers from around the world. The new Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate features episodes from the characters' pasts that reveal new details surrounding some of the most popular characters. Enhanced graphics and new stages, costumes, and fighting moves are also included in this Ultimate edition.

Capcom vs SNK 2 Millionaire Fighting 2001 (2000, Sega Dreamcast) JP
Capcom vs SNK 2 EO (2001, Original Xbox)
Two fighting giants clash in Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO. Now you can choose from more than 44 characters from the Capcom and SNK fighting universes and pit them against one another in one-on-one slug fests. Before each match, you can customize your character's fighting style with one of six new Grooves. Then, put your uppercuts, throws, and combos to the test in six game play modes featuring multiple tournaments. With the new Free Ratio System, you can easily determine the level of your fighter's strength. Did you know, the Xbox Exhibition Demo Disc Vol. 2 includes the full Japanese version of Capcom vs. SNK 2.

The House of the Dead 2 (1999, Sega Dreamcast)
The House of the Dead III (2002, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive)
The House of the Dead 2 is found as an unlockable bonus in The House of the Dead III for the original Xbox. From the darkest corners, cadavers and zombies return to haunt your every move. In The House of the Dead III, you'll plow through the undead with shotgun in hand as you explore a post apocalyptic wasteland. The new shotgun can take out multiple enemies in a single blast. Take out wave after wave of horrific zombies as you travel different routes and discover secrets and hidden areas. The House of the Dead III's time-sensitive game play forces you to exterminate your foes as quickly as possible.


Hydro Thunder (1999, Sega Dreamcast)
Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (2005, Original Xbox)
The Sega Dreamcast version of Hydro Thunder is ported onto Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for the original Xbox. Prepare for the power, speed and thrills of Hydro Thunder super-boat racing! Mighty Hull your way to the finish line of the most treacherous water courses imaginable! With turbo-charged Boosts and monstrous jumps, only your fears stand in the way!


The King of Fighters 2002 (2003, Sega Dreamcast) JP
The King of Fighters 2002 (2005, Original Xbox)
The eighth and ninth installments in the King of Fighters franchise make their ways to the PlayStation 2 in this double-pack collection of 2D fighting. This collection includes all of the great fighting teams, such as the Fatal Fury team and the Women Fighters team, comprising 39 characters from the King of Fighters series. Unleash special moves, super special moves, and combos in a variety of levels, and unlock more levels and bonus characters as you progress. 

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (2000, Sega Dreamcast)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (2003, Original Xbox) Two powerful universes collide in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. The game mixes characters from Capcom games with superheroes from the Marvel Universe, creating a total of 56 fighters. Assemble a team of your favorite heroes and villains for intense three-on-three tag-team matches. Each character type has an array of special attributes and, with the right team combination, you can pull off amazing super combos and special moves. 


NBA 2K2 (2001, Sega Dreamcast)
NBA 2K2 (2002, Original Xbox)
Sega Sports unleashes its award-winning NBA franchise on the next-generation basketball court with NBA 2K2. Building upon a foundation of vibrant graphics and crisp, detailed player animation, NBA 2K2 talks the talk and walks the walk! Use the versatile low post game to drop step around your defender and explode past him for a posterizing dunk. Tight AI defenders take away the baseline, deftly rotate to the open man, and establish rebounding position in the paint. Sharper skills and smarter D elevate your game to a higher level and make NBA 2K2 the one to beat on the original Xbox game consoles. This game is the first of the series on the original Xbox, the series continued from here.


NFL 2K2 (2001, Sega Dreamcast)
NFL 2K2 (2002, Original Xbox)
Sega Sports NFL 2K2 hits the Gridiron on the original Xbox video game system, with the look and feel of a champion. With all-new game play animations and platform-specific features, NFL 2K2 combines flash and substance in a football game that is as exciting to watch as it is to play. This game is the first of the series on the original Xbox, the series continued from here. 


Phantasy Star Online (2001, Sega Dreamcast)
Phantasy Star Online I & II (2003, Original Xbox)
The Phantasy Star adventure that began on the PC now comes to the original Xbox with new gaming modes and new content. Phantasy Star Online I & II features new character classes, weapons, enemies, items, and quests. A new split-screen feature allows three of your friends to join you on your adventure, as well as in other game modes, on the same console. Episode I includes all of the content from the original PSO and PSO Version 2, while Episode II brings a new, full-length adventure.


Psyvariar 2 The Will to Fabricate (2004, Sega Dreamcast)
Psyvariar 2 Extend Edition (2004, Original Xbox) Psyvariar 2: Extend Edition is a Shoot-'Em-Up game, developed by Skonec and published by Microsoft Game Studios, which was released in Japan in 2004.


Puyo Pop Fever (2004, Sega Dreamcast) JP
Puyo Pop Fever (2004, Original Xbox) PAL
From the popular Japanese puzzle game Puyo Pop comes Puyo Pop Fever, designed for a new generation of console gamers. Simple yet challenging, the game features both single-player and multiplayer options. The additional fever mode adds a different twist to the gameplay, providing the opportunity to create a string of chain reactions that can annihilate your opponent. Puyo Pop Fever mixes both 2D and 3D elements, and as the action speeds up, you'll see more special effects combined with "anime" graphics. It's worth noting that the game can also be found in Sonic Mega Collection Plus (2004, Original Xbox) as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Sega Genesis, 1993).


Rent-A-Hero No. 1 (2000, Sega Dreamcast) JP
Rent-A-Hero No. 1 (2003, Original Xbox) JP (Original Xbox Exclusive)
Rent-A-Hero No. 1 is an Action game, developed by Aspect and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 2003. 


San Francisco Rush 2049 (2000, Sega Dreamcast)
Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (2005, Original Xbox)
The Sega Dreamcast version of San Francisco Rush 2049 is ported onto Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for the original Xbox. San Francisco Rush 2049 - the original arcade racing game with 3 action-packed games in one! Race Mode - Scream through futuristic San Francisco tracks. Stunt Mode - Insane air and gravity-defying tricks. Battle Mode - Lock and load your way through 8 killer battle arenas. Loaded with other great features: 19 all-new tracks, 13 selectable cars, 1 - 4 player modes, all-new online competition, and no load time!


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (2000, Sega Dreamcast)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x (2001, Original Xbox)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x was designed to take full advantage of the technical capabilities of the original Xbox. The game features the franchise's signature game play, intuitive controls, all of the levels from both Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, in addition to more populated environments, brand new levels, realistic special effects and smoother lifelike animations. The inclusion of system link game play brings the skateboarding experience to life. 


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000, Sega Dreamcast)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x (2001, Original Xbox)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x was designed to take full advantage of the technical capabilities of the original Xbox. The game features the franchise's signature gameplay, intuitive controls, all of the levels from both Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, in addition to more populated environments, brand new levels, realistic special effects and smoother lifelike animations. The inclusion of system link gameplay brings the skateboarding experience to life. 


Shenmue II (2001, Sega Dreamcast) PAL/JP
Shenmue II (2002, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive)
Seeking answers and vengeance, Ryo Hazuki arrives in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. Encountering new friends and foes alike, Ryo realizes he has much to learn and must master new martial art skills to prepare himself for his ultimate showdown with Lan Di, the man who killed his father. Each day brings Ryo closer to his goal of avenging his father's death and unlocking the mysteries of the Phoenix Mirror.


Shikigami No Shiro II (2004, Sega Dreamcast) JP
Shikigami No Shiro II (2004, Original Xbox) JP
Shikigami no Shiro II is a Shoot-'Em-Up game, developed by Alfa System and published by Microsoft Game Studios, which was released in Japan in 2004.


Silent Scope (2000, Sega Dreamcast)
Silent Scope Complete (2004, Original Xbox)
Silent Scope is included in the Silent Scope Complete compilation for the original Xbox. Get ready to experience the arcade hit on your Dreamcast. The President and his family have been kidnapped by lethal terrorists, and the government turns to an elite counter-terrorist sniper to neutralize the hostile threats. Your mission is to infiltrate the terrorist's headquarters, clear all areas of danger and return the President's family safely to the White House.


Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (2000, Sega Dreamcast)
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (2005, Original Xbox)
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike is available in the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for the original Xbox. This amazing fighter stars 18 brawlers from the Street Fighter III universe and introduces the new Leap Attack. Plus, a new Grade Judge system evaluates player performance at the end of each match. Huge characters and an innovative Hit-Frame system team up with the return of the Super Arts Fighting Styles. Experience totally seamless animation in the newest chapter of the greatest arcade series ever!


Super Street Fighter II X (2000, Sega Dreamcast) JP a.k.a. Super Street Fighter II Turbo Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (2005, Original Xbox) Super Street Fighter II Turbo is a 2D Fighting game, developed and published by Capcom, which was released in Japan in 2000 for the Sega Dreamcast and included in Hyper Street Fighter II in the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection on the original Xbox.

Series that Passed Over to the Original Xbox 

There are a few Sega Dreamcast games that continued the franchise on the Original Xbox. Some of these games were console exclusive to the Original Xbox meaning that at the time they were not available on the PlayStation 2 or the Nintendo Gamecube. 

Crazy Taxi 3 (2002, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) 
The yellow cab is back on the streets of America. Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller lets you get behind the wheel with one of four new characters, each with his or her own trademark attitude and new set of wheels. Your job is to cruise around popular locations to pick up wacky customers so that you can amass the highest number of tips. Whether you're making crazy money in Glitter Oasis, conquering the new batch of minigame challenges, or trying out new tricks in the old stomping grounds of the West Coast and the Small Apple, Crazy Taxi 3 offers wild automotive action. 

Dead or Alive 3 (2001, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) 
Dead or Alive returns to take fighters to the next level. The third installment of the series features new characters, interactive environments, and all-new lighting effects. Explore the many expansive levels in single-player mode or battle against up to four players in multiplayer mode. The destructible environments, kinetic tag-battle feature, and all-new fighters make Dead or Alive 3 a worthy entry in the series. 

GunValkyrie (2002, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) 
In Gun Valkyrie players suit up as either Kelly O'Lenmey or Saburota Mishima to battle hideously oversized arachnids with a variety of character-specific weapons. Amidst rock formations housing huge number of aggressive monster approaching from every direction, you must scan the 360-degree area while running and shooting the creatures. It's a race against technology to save the world form complete annihilation! 

Headhunter Redemption (2004, Original Xbox) 
Twenty years after the devastation caused by the Bloody Mary Virus, a new order emerged based on two distinct, but totally independent worlds. As veteran headhunter Jack Wade or his sidekick, Lezza X, your job is to maintain law and societal order. Use each character's different abilities and weapons to survive intense combat environments. Headhunter: Redemption places you in two storylines based on two worlds, comprised of unique mission structures and objectives. 

The House of the Dead III (2002, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) 
From the darkest corners, cadavers and zombies return to haunt your every move. In The House of the Dead III, you'll plow through the undead with shotgun in hand as you explore a postapocalyptic wasteland. The new shotgun can take out multiple enemies in a single blast. Take out wave after wave of horrific zombies as you travel different routes and discover secrets and hidden areas. The House of the Dead III's time-sensitive gameplay forces you to exterminate your foes as quickly as possible. 

Iron Phoenix (2005, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) 
Iron Phoenix combines team-oriented strategy with weapon-based combat. Warriors emerge to take part in a final battle for the legendary sword known as the Iron Phoenix. In addition to the single-player story, the game delivers 16-player battles through Xbox Live and System Link. Inspired by classic martial arts epics, Iron Phoenix creates a fighting experience that includes rooftop chases, wall-walking, and classic fighting-game combos. Execute bone-crushing moves based on ancient Chinese fighting styles that are motion-captured from real martial artists. 

Otogi Myth of Demons (2003, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) Suspended between the world of the living and the dead is Raikoh, a skilled warrior from a cursed clan. In Otogi: Myth of Demons, you'll follow Raikoh as he travels through desolate lands to fight hordes of immortal creatures with 12 varieties of magic, a variety of brutal weapons, and more than 10 special demon-slaying items. Raikoh destroys trees, walls, and entire buildings in his quest to purge both the world's demons and his own. 

Otogi 2 Immortal Warriors (2004, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive)
Otogi 2 takes place directly after the events chronicled in the original Otogi: Myth of Demons. Raikoh, the famed undead warrior from the original game, rises again to save Japan from an onslaught of demons. This time, he is joined by six other selfless warriors who have taken their own lives to resurrect Raikoh. As you acquire more special items, you can increase each character's strengths and abilities. Fulfill your destiny in Story mode, or destroy everything in the new Havoc mode. 

OutRun2 (2004) (Original Xbox Exclusive)
OutRun2 offers arcade racing in a variety of gameplay modes: arcade, mission, live, drifting, and heart attack. In arcade mode, you can race against the clock from Palm Beach to one of five destinations. You can also unlock hidden items in mission mode, drift around corners in drift mode, and charm your passenger with your driving techniques in heart attack mode. OutRun2 also features support for system-link, allowing you to race against up to eight people. 

OutRun 2006 Coast to Coast (2006, Original Xbox) OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast features a choice of 15 fully licensed Ferrari models, featuring the all-new F430 and F430 Spider, as well as the dazzling Superamerica and the stunning 550 Barchetta. Power your way across 15 new American themed environments from the "OutRun2 SP" arcade experience. Race from coast to glorious coast with a fresh new mission structure, a license mode and online play, with up to 6 players for a thrilling head-to-head journey.

Panzer Dragoon Orta (2003, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) 
The dragon rises to power once again in Panzer Dragoon: Orta. Dragons, creatures that once ruled the skies, are now mankind's only hope against a dark empire. With humanity at war and on the brink of extinction, it's up to you and your dragon to take to the skies and assist in the rebellion. On the back of your flying friend, you'll become part of intense chases and battles with powerful enemies. In order to defeat the evil empire, you must master multiple weapons, dragon powers, and advanced attacks. 

Project Gotham Racing (2001, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) (came from metropolis street racing) 
In Project Gotham Racing, it's just as important to look good racing as it to drive fast. You receive "Kudos" points for your style, skill, and willingness to take risks during races. Choose from more than 25 different cars from top manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW, and compete on 200 city-based circuits. You can also race shoulder-to-shoulder with up to three friends in multiplayer mode. Fun and reward come from focusing equally on speed, flair, and risk-taking. 

Project Gotham Racing 2 (2003, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) 
Project Gotham Racing 2 is a true test of racing skill, style, and daring that rewards you not only for how fast you drive, but also for how you drive fast. Earn Kudos and gain recognition for cornering on two wheels around the Sears Tower in Chicago; power-sliding through the ancient streets of Florence, Italy; or maneuvering along the racing line through the slick streets of Edinburgh, Scotland--all while racing some of the most exotic high-performance vehicles available. You can even challenge other gamers in a multiplayer race via System Link. 

Sega GT 2002 (2002, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) Sega GT 2002 features more than 125 current and classic high-performance vehicles that reflect the handling and performance specifications from their real-life counterparts. Chronicle mode puts you behind the wheel of hot rods from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, while the Quick Battle mode lets you jump right into the action. The true test, however, lies in Sega GT 2002 mode, in which you must win races and collect enough cash to buy new cars and upgrade the classics. You can showcase cars in the Virtual Garage alongside trophies and other mementos. 

Sega GT Online (2004, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) It's time to take your glorious Sega GT 2002 race car out of hiding and show her off to the world. Pit your superior racer against the revved up Xbox Live community and kiss bumpers with up to 12 drivers from around the globe while talking in real-time. In this car-lovers paradise there are over 165 top-of-the-line race cars from 25 different manufacturers just waiting to be customized and put to the ultimate test of will and speed. When you're not tearing around the pristine tracks at breakneck speeds, be sure to stop by the new Gathering mode to play minigames which will earn you cash and unlock new cars for racing in Sega GT 2002 mode. 

Sega Soccer Slam (2002, Original Xbox) 
A host of diverse teams from across the globe unite on the green for intense three-on-three matches of soccer. Not your ordinary soccer game, Sega Soccer Slam involves violent tackles, killer kicks, and spotlight maneuvers. In Quest mode, you can take any team through a series of matches, while unlocking secret stadium locations and gaining access to hidden power-ups. Alternative gameplay options include Arcade mode, Challenge mode, and a round-robin Tourney mode with multiplayer action for up to six players. Shadow the Hedgehog (2005, Original Xbox) The world is in peril as forces, both good and evil, make a play for the powerful Chaos Emeralds. In Shadow the Hedgehog, you can control Shadow and choose which side to fight for. This 3D platformer lets you use weapons, vehicles, environmental objects, and time and space manipulation to combat your foes. 

Sonic Heroes (2004, Original Xbox) 
Sonic Heroes brings the Sonic series to the PS2 and Xbox for the first time. Dr. Eggman is causing havoc again and it's up to you to maneuver a team of three Sonic characters through massive levels. All 12 characters--divided into Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose and Team Chaotix--have their own unique strengths, so choose your teams wisely. Find the best combination to complete missions full of enemies, puzzles, and huge environments. No matter what team you choose, the only direction is forward and the only way to get there is fast.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus (2004, Original Xbox) 
Sonic has appeared in many games in the last decade, and now you can relive seven of them from Sonic Mega Collection Plus. This compilation includes the first three Sonic the Hedgehog titles, plus Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3D Flickies' Island, Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. The Plus version also adds more content, such as illustrations and movies, to Sonic Mega Collection. 

SoulCalibur 2 (2003, Original Xbox) Open the next chapter in world of Soul Calibur. Soul Calibur II features seven distinctive gameplay modes including: Arcade, Versus, Time Attack, Survival, Team Battle, Practice, and the console exclusive Weapon Master. Collect up to 200 different weapons and battle characters with their own styles, strengths, and abilities. In addition to the 13 fighters, each platform has unique special fighters: Spawn for the original Xbox. Prove yourself through soul and sword. Sonic Riders (2006, Original Xbox) The Sonic series takes to the track in the combat racing game, Sonic Riders. Dr. Eggman has challenged Sonic and friends to race in his World Grand Prix, and you can enter the event and try to unravel his mysterious plot. The races happen on floating boards and include tricks, fighting, and racing. You can customize your character with upgraded equipment as you race down 13 different tracks through a handful of game modes. You can also challenge three of your friends to multiplayer races. 

Spartan Total Warrior (2005, Original Xbox) You can battle hundreds of ancient warriors, both historical and mythical, in Spartan: Total Warrior. As "The Spartan" you can upgrade your weapons and armor and gain the favor of the gods as you fight through epic battles against units ranging from Roman soldiers to skeleton warriors. Levels feature a variety of objectives, such as escorting, capturing, destruction, discovery, and survival. 

Spikeout Battle Street (2005, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) 
Get ready to engage in hand-to-hand melee combat against an army of enemies. Spikeout Battle Street puts you in the middle a gang war between Team Spike and Team Inferno. As one of 12 characters, you must use your arsenal of attack moves to defeat your enemies. The Xbox Live feature lets you experience cooperative gameplay with three friends while talking trash through Xbox Communicators. Bonus online features include downloadable items, stories, characters, sound files, and more. 

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (2005, Original Xbox) Super Monkey Ball Deluxe features 300 stages (114 from "Super Monkey Ball," 140 from "Super Monkey Ball 2," and 46 Deluxe-exclusive boards. In addition to new stages, Super Monkey Ball Deluxe offers a new Challenge mode, integrating varying skill settings (Beginner, Advanced, and Expert) into one fluid ramp up, rather than breaking them out as independent gameplay sections. There will also be additional stages in the story mode. All twelve of the party games from Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 are also included. Also included in the 
Sonic Mega Collection + Super Monkey Ball (2004, Original Xbox). 

ToeJam & Earl III Mission to Earth (2002, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive) 
The alien duo is back in an all-new adventure. In ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth, ToeJam, Big Earl, and their new friend, Latisha, embark on a mission to retrieve the 12 sacred Albums of Funk, stolen by the inhabitants of Earth. Across expansive environments, you must guide this group toward a showdown with the evil Anti-Funk. You'll collect a wide variety of power-ups, take on dangerous side quests, and double-team the clueless Earthlings in style. Worms 3D (2005, Original Xbox) Join the party as worm battles ensue across 3D worlds. Worms 3D pits four players--each with a customizable team of worms--against one another in fully deformable landscapes. All the bizarre weapons from the Worms series--including Banana Bomb, flying Super Sheep, Earthquakes, Air Strikes, and Holy Hand Grenade--appear for your destructive pleasure. Wreak havoc in turn-based multiplayer action or unlock landscapes, sound sets, challenges, and secret missions in the immersive single-player mode. 

Worms Forts Under Seige (2005, Original Xbox) 
Worms Forts: Under Siege! puts you in command of a team of up to four fort-dwelling worms. The game is set in the cartoon environments, and you direct your worm garrison to quickly construct defenses to maximize your strategic advantage, you direct the worms to expand your castle to seize valuable resources, and you have them build weapons of mass destruction to destroy your opponents' fortifications. Test yourself against the single-player game by battling through the 20 missions. When you finish, take on three of your friends in Fort vs. Fort mode. 

The following were sega sports games that were continued on the original Xbox as well as other consoles. Prior to the Dreamcast being discontinued, these sports games were exclusive to the legendary Sega Dreamcast.

NCAA College Basketball 2K3 (2002, Original Xbox)
NCAA College Basketball returns for another year of tournaments, chants, and rivalries. More than 300 Division I teams have been updated with accurate rosters, ratings, and schedules. Select a team and compete in conference tournaments, or create your own custom tournament from scratch. As you move up the ranks, you'll discover each school has its own mix of cheerleaders, chants, and fight songs. Now you can invade home courts online against players nationwide on the original Xbox. First and last NCAA College Basketball game the be released on the original Xbox.

NCAA College Football 2K3 (2002, Original Xbox) 
Both veteran and rookie players alike will enjoy the dramatic feature improvements of NCAA College Football 2K3. There are new player models, completely redesigned stadiums, and all 25 official BCS bowls are represented. A revamped Legacy Mode allows gamers to recruit key high-school stars and compare lifetime records against other collegiate programs in the historical rankings system. Go out for the team! First and last NCAA College Football game the be released on the original Xbox. 

NHL 2K3 (2002, Original Xbox) 
More than just familiar faces and numbers, Sega Sports NHL 2K3 delivers player realism down to size, skill, and behavior, resulting in individuals that exhibit accurate styles of play. Grinders battle for pucks in the corners, elite players see the ice and create opportunities, and fast skaters exploit their speed. The all-new Franchise Mode lets you capitalize on player accuracy to develop a team that plays your brand of hockey. First of the series on the original Xbox, the series continued from here. 

World Series Baseball (2002, Original Xbox) (Original Xbox Exclusive)
World Series® Baseball takes the original Xbox field with ultra-responsive controls and the deepest Franchise Mode in town. Throw in old school players and unis, advanced gameplay and more stats thank you know what to do with and you've got the ultimate hardball sim. This is the first of the series on the original Xbox, the series continued from here. 

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