How To Install XBMC / XBMC4Xbox on the Original Xbox

The original Xbox is a powerful video game console that can be used as a media center when softmodded. A relief is that with the Xbox softmod, dissasembly is not required. The original Xbox when soft-modded can then install a media center named Xbox Media Center (XBMC), now named XBMC4Xbox. XBMC4Xbox is the modern name and easily references the newer releases that are still released today. *Xbox Media Center, XBMC & XBMC4Xbox will all mean the same thing in this article.

Soft-modding the Xbox is the easiest way to mod since there's no need to unscrew the Xbox. Afterwards, the Xbox Media Center app can be installed as well as other programs if desired. All the original Xbox features are still accessible after a softmod has been installed. Here's a list of original Xbox Softmod Features.

What can XBMC do on my Original Xbox?

The original Xbox has numerous similarities with a computer thanks to Microsoft. The Ethernet port behind the Xbox is used to connect the Xbox to the local network. In doing so, the Xbox via XBMC can stream multimedia files to the Xbox, other features include...
  • Stream music, video & photos to original Xbox from a computer on the same local network
  • Transfer files to the Xbox hard drive
  • Watch DVD without the DVD Movie Playback Kit accessory (the remote will work with or without XBMC)
  • Play Region-Free DVD's - play DVD from any country in the world
  • Rip DVD's to the Xbox hard drive
  • Play files from burned discs


1. A original Xbox that has been modded. An original Xbox can be bought between $15-40, check craigslist, local retro video game stores, flea markets, eBay or Amazon. If you want to learn how to softmod you original Xbox visit our Xbox softmod page.

2. FTP Program - choose between router/ethernet or crossover cable to FTP. FTP is the program that will assist you in the transfer/install of XBMC into the Xbox. Visit the FTP network tutorial

3. Xbox Media Center a.k.a. XBMC4Xbox Application
Download XBMC4Xbox for Original Xbox
Download the XBMC4Xbox (Latest Version)

4. Unzip/Extract Program - To extract simply means to release the files that are inside of the zipped/compressed folder. XBMC must be extracted/unzipped before being transferred to the Xbox. You can extract them with a program such as WinRAR for Windows or UnRarX for Mac OS X.

How to Install XBMC on to the Original Xbox

The XBMC transfer should be simple enough since it automatically installs on the Xbox as it's being transferred. By now your original Xbox must be modded.
  1. Extract the XBMC application
  2. Make the FTP connection as seen in this FTP tutorial
  3. Transfer the XBMC folder directly in the /E/Apps/ (the location of the apps folder may be the C: folder, double check and then make the transfer)
  4. Once the transfer is complete restart the Xbox (Do Not Interrupt the Transfer)
  5. Now when the Xbox starts up XBMC should be in the apps/applications folder, if not then locate it by browsing the Xbox files. To browse the Xbox files go into settings of your dashboard and find the file explorer. In the file explorer browse to the /E/Apps/ and locate attempt to open XBMC from there. 
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