Most Valuable Original Xbox Games

As the original Xbox blurs into obscurity the games the games even more so. The games below are the highest valued original Xbox games released, and the price you see listed is a loose price, meaning used condition and may or may not have manuals. The value of video games change through time so make sure to stay on your toes.

Steel Battalion $122.00

Quit obvious why Steel Battalion is so expensive. The game occupies one of the largest controllers ever released. The game by itself averages $34.00 

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis $70.00

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis is still rare today

Crash Superpack - Crash Nitro Kart/ Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex $53.00

Honestly, I have never heard of this games release. It must be that rare. 

Halo Triple Pack $50.00

Don't get it confused, some listings on eBay claim to be the triple pack when really they're just selling the three separate releases. The Halo Triple Pack is quite pricey, I remember searching for it years ago on the GameStop site and it was never available.

Digimon Rumble Arena 2 $38.00


Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy $38.00

The great Grand Theft Auto games released all in one. This is an excellent collectors item for fans.

Sonic Heroes and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe $32.50


Karaoke Revolution Party w/Microphone $32.00


Conker Live and Reloaded $30.00

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Original Xbox Softmod Kit