Play SNES on the Original Xbox

The Super Nintendo (SNES) is a favorite to be emulated and played on the original Xbox.
The SNES is one of Nintendo's most The SNES is playable on the original Xbox via emulation. Emulation is when a software program acts like a video game system, it's like a virtual console for the Xbox. The retro games played on emulators are called ROMs.

The requirements to play Super Nintendo games on your original Xbox are simple. First you need to have a modded original Xbox. The easiest way to mod your original Xbox is to softmod it because it does not require any kind of opening or unscrewing the Xbox. Softmodding the original Xbox not only allows you to install emulators for SNES. Below you'll see the Xbox softmod features as well as the link to download the SNES emulator.

Xbox Softmod Features

  • Play ROMs (retro games) via emulators.
  • Play import, burned & homebrew Xbox games.
  • Upload Xbox games to Xbox hard drive.
  • Install unlimited Xbox softmods.
Once your original Xbox is soft-modded you simply transfer the SNES emulator (i.e. ZsnexBox) from a PC, Mac or smartphone onto your original Xbox. Once the emulator is transferred it automatically installs and is ready to play games. To play games on your emulator simply transfer SNES games/roms into the ROMs folder found inside your the ZnexBox folder.

Softmod your Xbox via Xbox Softmod Kit
*only for the original Xbox

Download SNES Emulator (ZsnexBox)
This is a port of the Zsnes Super Nintendo emulator to original Xbox by Nes6502, this emulator has a tonne of features including preview videos,cheats database,720p/1080i HD options.The last release was version 3.6 and this for many is the best SNES emulator on original Xbox.

Download ZsnexBox Emulator for Original Xbox 
*Requires a modded original Xbox to use.