Original Xbox Emulation on a Nintendo Switch


A hacker by the name of Voxel9 has gotten the original Xbox to be emulated on a Nintendo Switch.

Quoted from the youtube video description "XQEMU successfully compiles and runs on a Nintendo Switch running the new updated Linux4Tegra Ubuntu." The emulator shows slowing down and the JSRF had to be run at four times the frame rate to show the liking of a much more playable version.

As if Jet Set Radio Future, original Xbox and emulation are not tied up enough. Original Xbox gamers are nostalgic about JSRF as it's only backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 and even there it still doesn't run perfectly. Gamers are nostalgic of Sega's JSRF and Xbox gamers long to play it again.

Then there's emulation, although the Nintendo Switch running an original Xbox via emulation is progress, the original Xbox had been nothing easy to be emulated on even a PC, so seeing it on a Nintendo Switch is quite a task. Voxel9 described that the Nintendo Switch is running Linux to emulate the original Xbox, that's an operating system on top of another.

The irony is of the original Xbox not being easy to emulate is that the Xbox itself is known in the hombrew community as one of the best consoles to modify.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChRZJod_vwc