The Red Star for Original Xbox

The Red Star was developed at the same time the PlayStation 2 version was being developed but was eventually canceled and unreleased on the original Xbox. However, it can be downloaded and played today for the original Xbox.

Oddly enough, the original Xbox version had even been reviewed in full and had made publications from publishers such as Game Informer. However, the The Red Star never saw an official release for the original Xbox. Months before the game was due to be released it was featured on Demo Disc #35 of OXM (Official Xbox Magazine), September 2004 issue.

The Red Star is a video game based on the graphic novel by the same name. The game is played in third-person view and is an action shooter fighting game with RPG elements. The RPG elements come into play being able to update the characters attributes all depending on how well the level was completed.

Although the Xbox version it was canceled back in 2007, The Red Star is floating online to be downloaded to play on Xbox. You'll need to softmod your original Xbox to play the .ISO. The Red Star ISO has been seen online to be 737.72MB below are some download links. Other links have size it as 854MB compressed and 1.16GB uncompressed. 

Link 1:

Note: Link 2 below is from a Spanish website, the password upon downloading all 4 parts is " juegos donchipote" without the quotes.

Link 2:

Developer: Acclaim Studios Austin
Publisher: XS Games Acclaim Entertainment
Genre: Action
Release date: Canceled (US)
T for Teen: Violence

The Red Star was also released for PlayStation 2, Sony PSP, Apple iOS.