Original Xbox DVD Drives


The original Xbox had 4 types of DVD drives. Each have their own features and compatibility with CD & DVD discs.
For example all the original Xbox DVD drives read DVD-R discs but not all can read DVD-RW discs. This comes into play for example, when you burn a copy of an original Xbox and play it on a soft-modded Xbox

Blank CD's can also be used to transfer files, emulators and apps to be instantly installed on an original Xbox after softmod. This is an alternative to using the common FTP (file transfer protocol). 

It is noted that the Thomson drives are faulty and the Samsung drives are favored. The Hitachi drives is quite rare and you'll notice in the photo we added at a later time because of it's rarity in the community. 

All of this info is part of our Xbox softmod tutorial where we show you how to softmod your original Xbox and also show you how transfer files, apps, emulators and games once your Xbox is softmodded.

Thomson Drive:
Will not read CD-R
Will only read some (generally expensive media) CD-RW
Reads all DVD-R/DVD-RW
Reads all DVD+R/DVD+RW

Philips Drive:
May or may not read CD-R (my Xbox has a Philips drive and reads a music CD that was burned on CD-R)
Will read some (generally expensive media) CD-RW
Reads all DVD-R/DVD-RW
Does not read DVD+R/DVD+RW

Samsung Drive:
Reads all CD-R and CD-RW
Reads all DVD-R/DVD-RW
Does not read DVD+R/CD+RW

Hitachi Drive: (Rare)
Will not read CD-R
Reads DVD-R
May be able to read DVD+R
The Hitachi drive is rare. All other CD & DVD formats are left unknown.