Update ESPN NFL 2K5 Rosters

ESPN NFL 2K5 can be updated to the today's season rosters. These roster files will work on the original Xbox.

As the NFL season approaches and the new Madden NFL games hit the shelves there are gamers who prefer the signature ESPN NFL 2K5. ESPN NFL 2K5 was the last football game developed by 2K sports with the NFL license. Roster updates on ESPN NFL 2K5 are always being updated thanks to the great community, so stay tuned for the upcoming season rosters.

for Original Xbox

The original Xbox memory card can save ESPN NFL 2K5 2016 - 2017 roster. The memory card is compatible with the original Xbox (not Xbox 360). 
  • 2016 - 2017 roster update.
  • Easy to use, just pop in the memory card!
  • Updated rookies and traded.
  • Play in Franchise mode and exhibition.

ESPN NFL 2K5 Description

1 to 4 Players
Memory Unit 303 blocks 
Custom Soundtracks
In-game Dolby Digital 
HDTV 480p
ESRB: E for Everyone 

Published by: SEGA of America, Inc. 
Developed by: Visual Concepts Entertainment, Inc. 
Release date: July 4, 2004
Platform: Original Xbox

Community Downloads

2015-2016 NFL 2K5 Rosters - download via MediaFire
2016-2017 NFL 2K5 Rosters - download via operation sports forum

Original Xbox Softmod Kit