MVP Baseball 2005 Roster Update Tutorial

The following instructions will show you how to upload the game save rosters for MVP Baseball 2005. If you purchased our MVP Baseball 2005 game saves for PS2 then skip to Part B below:

Part A: 

How to copy games saves from Xbox memory card (USB) to Xbox hard disk:

  1. Power on Xbox without game
  2. Insert controller into Xbox console
  3. Insert memory device into controller port #2.
  4. Highlight “Memory” from the main menu and press A
  5. Highlight the memory device shown (if the device is in controller port 4 you will see it in one of the corners)
  6. Scroll down to highlight MVP Baseball 2005 icon
  7. Press (right) -> on the controller
  8. Highlight one of the game save icons on on the right, press A on the controller and “Copy”
  9. Copy to Xbox Hard disk (the image is of the Xbox console)
  10. Do this for each and every single game save
  11. Once the rosters are copied to the original Xbox hard disk they can be copied over to memory cards and vice versa.
  12. Continue the the next steps below.

Part B: 

For the next steps we will start the game MVP Baseball 2005 and load the rosters. These instructions work for original Xbox & PS2.
  1. Insert MVP Baseball 2005 game disc into the gaming console
  2. Start the game 
  3. Select "Manage Rosters" from the main menu
  4. Select "Load Rosters"
  5. Select the roster game save you want to load.
  6. Select "Proceed". You will then see the screen say Load Complete!
  7. Select "Proceed" again. 
  8. Now you may go and view and play with the rosters in any mode.