PS3 USB Saves Tutorial

Tutorial: How to transfer PS1/PS2 saves from USB to PS3 system
  1. Power on PlayStation 3 (PS3)
  2. Eject any disc that may be in the PS3
  3. Insert the USB that you received to your PS3
  4. Press right -> on d-pad and select with X button the options menu item that shows the controller icon named "GAME" 
  5. Select with X button "MEMORY CARD UTILITY"
  6. Select with X button  "CREATE NEW INTERNAL MEMORY CARD"
  7. Select with X button "INTERNAL MEMORY CARD (PS2)" (if it's for a PS/PS1 game then select the one that says "Internal Memory Card (PS)"
  8. Select with X button "OK" (the default name of the "internal memory card" is self named. 
  9. You will now see a screen that says "The internal memory card was assigned to slot 1. To change the slot, select the internal memory card from [Memory Card Utility] and then change the solt from the options menu"
  10. Select back by pressing the "O" button on your controller
  11. Scroll up on the d-pad and select with X button "USB DEVICE"
  12. You will now see the saves on the USB. Select with TRIANGLE one icon/image at a time
  13. Select with X button "COPY" (it's shown on the right side)
  14. Select with X button "INTERNAL MEMORY CARD" (it should default to save there anyway)
  15. Copy each and every icon/image that was found on the USB in step #12

Tutorial: How to transfer PS3 save from USB to PS3 system
  1. Turn on PS3 system (without disc)
  2. Plug your USB stick into the USB slot on your PS3 system
  3. At the PS3 menu select with "X" button GAME >
  4. Select with "X" button "SAVED DATA UTILITY" >
  5. Select with "X" button "USB DEVICE"
  6. The PS3 save will show up here, select it with "Triangle" button
  7. Select COPY with "X" button