How To Copy and Play Game Disc from Original Xbox Hard Drive

The following video will show you how to copy an original Xbox game disc into the Xbox hard drive or hard disk (HDD). 

To copy a game into the original Xbox hard disk your Xbox must be soft-modded. To softmod your original Xbox you may use our easy to use our Original Xbox Softmod Kit. The original Xbox is already good with handling loading times compared to the PS2 but installing/copying a game onto the Xbox hard drive will decrease load times even more. Once you copy the game disc over, you don't need the disc to play the game. 

The video shows you how to copy a game disc from the soft-modded unleashx dashboard. The unleashx dashboard is one of the simplest dashboards to use and comes as part of our Xbox Softmod Kit dashboard options. All original Xbox's have at least an 8GB hard drive installed stock. Some of that space is already used from a stock Xbox. The good news is that a modded and/or softmodded original Xbox allows you to upgrade your original Xbox hard drive

Thanks to OEB Pete for the video.