Killer Instinct 1 & 2 on Original Xbox via KI-XXX

Killer Instinct by Rareware's dedicated fighting game. It is the Capcom's Street Fighter II and Midway's Mortal Kombat. Killer Instinct borrows from many popular games and adds a touch of its own, released in 1994 KI had unbelievable graphics for a fighting game. Rareware are the developers of Donkey Kong Country and we all know how advanced those graphics were for the SNES so just imagine what they did with a dedicated arcade cabinet. KI was dark themed like Mortal Kombat and had an awesome soundtrack as well. However, the greatest part of KI was the combo system and the combo breakers with great fighting game commentary. Once you got a hold of the combo routine you would spend matches trying to land your longest combo on an opponent.

Fighting games are best enjoyed with friends and many of us have memories on the Super Nintendo. The SNES is surely the wide known version of this game. I only remember the playing the SNES version and only have a glimpse of the arcade cabinet in my memory. With that said, I got around to playing the arcade version on the original Xbox with the Killer Instinct XXX emulator. This emulator is dedicated to only play Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 on the OGXbox and it works great, you'll have to find the ROMs yourself though but I provide the download links below.

Note: To play emulators on the original Xbox it must first be modded. Visit us for easiest way on how to softmod the original Xbox. Softmodding your original Xbox has many advantages plus there's about 100 emulators for the original Xbox. On our tutorial page we show you how to softmod the original Xbox and how to install the emulators & games.

Killer Instinct (1994, Arcade)
This is the original that started it all and it's playable via KI-XXX emulator. It is the best version to play on the original Xbox since it emulates the arcade cabinet.

Download Ki-xxx Emulator for Original Xbox

Once you have downloaded the Ki-xxx emulator, the following files must be in the put into the "ki1" folder. These files can be found online, most likely in a zip files


Killer Instinct (1995, Game Boy)
The game boy version is also playable on the original Xbox via emulators i.e. XboyAdvance but you might not want to touch this version. By the image you can see it's an obvious downgrade and we're looking for the best fighting experience. 

Download XBoyAdvance Emulator for Original Xbox

Killer Instinct (1995, Super Nintendo)
This is the Killer Instinct everyone remembers, if you want to take a trip through memory lane then know that this version is playable on the original Xbox with a SNES emulator i.e. ZsnesXbox but know that the arcade version surpasses it in both graphics, sound and total experience. The SNES version is definitely fun especially if your feeling nostalgic but when it comes to limitations the SNES doesn't hold a candle to the Arcade version. Once you switch to the KI-XXX version, you won't go back.

Download ZsnexBox (SNES) Emulator for Original Xbox

Killer Instinct 2 (1996, Arcade)
The sequel to the masterpiece is KI-2, this game is a bit rare and a bit unknown. Whenever asked most people have memories of only the first one, I'm guessing the Super Nintendo had much to do with that. KI-2 has more polished graphics, different characters and keeps true to the classic. It's a well received game just not as popular so give it a try. KI-2 is also playable via original Xbox emulator KI-XXX.

Download Ki-xxx Emulator for Original Xbox

Killer Instinct Gold (1996, Nintendo 64)
Killer Instinct Gold is a modified version of Killer Instinct 2 for the N64. It was the last Killer Instinct released. This version was on released for the Nintendo 64 and is not compatible with any original Xbox emulators. 

Killer Instinct (2013, Xbox One)
After a long wait from fans the Killer Instinct series is being re-booted exclusively for Microsoft's new Xbox One. Although the original developer Rareware is not behind this rendition it is still a fighting game to look forward to, at least for an impression.

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