Arcade Emulation on the Xbox Original

Today we want to discuss the arcade emulators for the original Xbox. The most popular arcade emulator is the M.A.M.E. (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) able to run games from the 80's and 90's with ease. There are several emulators that have ported over the MAME emulator for the original Xbox. 

When it comes to fighting games they are best played on arcade emulators since the game is a emulation of the arcade cabinet, 16-bit versions of Street Fighter II for example are dumb down versions compared to the Arcade. Speaking of, there are dedicated Capcom emulators for CPS (Capcom Play System). There are several CPS emulators such as CPS1, CPS2 and even CPS3 but to run CPS3 games further RAM is to be installed, but we'll get into that in another article. Being a Street Fighter II fan the CPS emulators allow the games to be over-clocked removing the frame rate slow down that was engraved in the Street Fighter II franchise. FBA-XXX emulates CPS 1, CPS 2 and Neo-Geo very well giving the original Xbox an array of fighting games with just one emulator. Killer Instinct has its own dedicated emulator named KI-XXX 1.0 which emulates the arcade versions of Killer Instinct (1994) and Killer Instinct 2 (1996).

Final Burn Legends is a great example of Arcade goodness, the emulator that plays over 2,700 games on the old Xbox. Some of these arcade games are unplayable on other Xbox emulators. See video below by The Games Shed for a demonstration.